Elijah 7000

In a time of weakness, fleeing, fear and frustration Elijah had a supernatural encounter with God. God spoke to him and said

"Elijah, I have 7000 in Israel who have not bowed unto Baal and have not kissed him AND THEY ARE LEFT FOR ME!"
Here is a remnant that are left for God, not for some earthly project, but reserved for the use of the Almighty, but they are hidden. Today, many forces are after the people of God, but there is a remnant that have not bowed to the devil and are reserved for the use of Almighty God.
They are hidden, but they are emerging.
The Elijah 7000 was birthed to refocus this remnant. Malachi 4:4-6, Mark 9:11, 12; Luke 1:17 all tell us that Elijah will return before the Battle of Armageddon and the spirit of Elijah is here. The prototype of ministry and life, the example of my God-ordained future, the pattern that I will follow are all found in Elijah's life. This spirit of Elijah becomes the substantive example of the prophetic process, purpose and power that God has ordained for you.

Mission of Elijah 7000:

The Elijah 7000 meetings examines this pattern, examines the spirit of Elijah and makes this revelation substance to you. Whatever the reason for the hiding whether it is fear, hurt, disappointment, discouragement or the inability to fit, Almighty God is calling forth His remnant!

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