Welcome to Elijah 7000. Elijah 7000 is a gathering of the REMNANT. You are the remnant.

It is always an amazing thing when God formed dreams come until fulfillment and reality. The Elijah 7000 is definitely something that was God formed and thank you so much for helping bring this to reality. I know that this is destined to have life changing and history altering significance. Elijah was used by God to touch a nation, alter the course of the impact of false prophets, and to see God’s fire fall. Since the God of Elijah is also our God, I believe with all of my heart that the prophetic pattern of Elijah is becoming our reality today. What an explosive moment!

Elijah 7000 is not the attempt to birth the gift, it is the attempt to raise the gift.  Bank deposits are made to make a withdrawal for yourself or others. God has made a deposit in you, his withdrawal is for others. The attempt of the enemy is to borrow the deposit so that others will not experience the withdrawal. God’s deposit is in you but His withdrawal is all around you. One of the purposes of the Elijah 7000 is by the anointing of the Lord, to remove the emotional, mental, spiritual or other debris, that surround that deposit.

There are 7 Keys to remember about Elijah and 7 Keys that apply to you:


    • Refocusing the remnant
      Elijah was a Tishbite and lived in Gilboa. He was a foreigner and was out of the mainstream of the 12 tribes of Israel. God uses people who feel that they are out of the mainstream and feel dislocated.


    • Finding the hidden Elijah will return in the Tribulation period to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and children to the fathers. It is a move within the family. This end time move is within the family with hearts being turned.


    • Pursuing the Elijah pattern.
      The Bible speaks of the spirit of Elijah in Luke 1. This is a pre-rapture move where God uses Elijah’s life as a prophetic pattern and repeats that pattern in life and ministry today. The spirit of Elijah defines the end time move of God.


    • Occupying our prophetic position
      In a time of discouragement, God spoke to Elijah and declared, There are 7000 in Israel that have never bowed to the enemy.” There was a remnant that was there, ready to be revealed in the fullness of time.


    • Witnessing heavenly demonstration
      I Kings 19:20 declares that this group was left for God. He kept them and preserved them and now they would be revealed. They were left for God, not Elijah or Ahab and Jezebel. This end time remnant is reserved for God.


    • Building altars, experiencing fire
      Elijah’s life becomes the prototype of ministry, and life, and by understanding his life lessons we become familiar with the plan of God or our lives. It is a prophetic plan that is filled with end time significance.


    • Commanding the flight of ruling principalities and powers
      It was Elijah’s word that stopped the rain on Ahab’s kingdom for 3 years. There is an Elijah word in the remnant that has the power to stop the progress of Ahab’s kingdom, and prohibit and permit principalities that rule must be stopped by this Elijah word.


GOD bless You,

Sherlock Bally

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