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There is one thing that I have become very aware of and that is the Kingdom of God and the ministry that we have been called into must not be one dimensional, it must reach out to the lost, to the world, to the church, to the oppressed and to the blessed. We are to see the lost saved, the saved discipled and the discipled sent.

We are involved in ministries around the world. One of them is to the nation of Israel, where I was appointed 6 years ago by 13 members of the Israeli Parliament to be the executive director of 19 countries where I would travel heralding the message of the Abrahamic Covenant and its prophetic implications, present implications and its personal implications. I have the honor of speaking to Prime Ministers, governments and Kings concerning the Biblical mandate to stand with the nation of Israel.

We are also in the Sub-Continent of India where in 2014 I ministered to over 7,500 pastors and leaders under the auspices and the organization of Dr. Vinod Kumar. It was an astonishing time in the presence of God. 6 words have partially defined what the Lord has called us to do. City shaker, Nation taker and History Shaper. This was seen so clearly in the apostolic period and the same Holy Spirit that anoints us today to follow apostolic principal that produces apostolic power.


Another aspect of our ministry is in the Islands of the Caribbean where I was born. Every year we visit some of these Islands twice a year seeing great crowds, a great move of the Almighty God and astonishing testimonies of deliverance. I feel with all of my heart that this is a part of the world that is going to impact the rest of the world.


Another aspect of our ministry has to do with the seminars we do around the county on Bible prophecy. These are 5 hour seminars that we do on a Saturday that is absolutely filled with prophetic revelation and presents to the attendees a great understanding concerning where we are in our world in GOD’S TIMELINE. I know definitely that I have been called by God to present this revelation of Jesus that unveils a realm of revelation that is amazing.


We are involved in many other aspects of ministry but just wanted to give you a simple overview of who we are and what we do.

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